Business Systems Every Entrepreneur Needs

Business systems are the lifeblood of true freedom. Think about your day today. The last week. The last month. How many times have you repeated the same thing, over and over?

Now, what if you took one of those items, and suddenly you didn’t have to do it anymore? If it just happened automatically? How amazing would that be?

Successful Businesses Use Systems

This is the beauty of systems. Look around you at successful businesses. We visit them daily, from our banking to our grocery store visit to pick up that last minute item. You know what to expect as you move through your day to day errands and activities. The reason you know what to expect is because their system tells everyone involved what their role is, and EXACTLY how to carry it out.

These systems can be carried out by both automations and people. The goal is to minimize the amount of time spent and work done for maximum potential. This includes you!

If you are a solopreneur, it’s even more important to be able to do this mini step by mini step. As one person wearing 17 hats, your business and health will thank you.

Creating your business management system (s)

The types of systems are endless and you can constantly improve them. Start with your services. Take one and write down all the steps to complete the service. When you are done, step away from it for about 15 minutes. Come back with fresh eyes and ask yourself:

  • Is anything missing?
  • Can you automate anything? To automate you can create a video that explains a step so you don’t need to do it in person, or create a form with questions that will help you understand them better before you get on the phone.

Email systems to help you better manage and stay connected

Did you know that you can create email aliases? This means you can have several different emails that all route to your primary inbox, which helps you keep your inbox better organized.

The emails can be directed to a folder so they don’t clutter your main box. You can also redirect them. Redirecting a support email to your task management software using zapier, and having it automatically create a task? What??????

Imagine if all your tasks were already added for the day? Or if someone else did those tasks.

A system for every action AND inaction in your business.

No matter how you use them, Systems and Automations will ultimately allow you to streamline and BREATHE.

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