10 Steps to Quit Your Job and Achieve Freedom as an Entrepreneur


Are you tired of your job? Do you feel that it does not provide you the freedom of time and money? Do you want to be your own boss and work at your own time schedule? 

Here’s a list of prerequisites you need in order to quit your job as begin your journey as an entrepreneur.

Learn a Skill

You need to learn a skill of your interest. The core of starting a business is to be proficient at a skill that adds value to an existing market niche. 

If you haven’t done that yet, figure out something you are passionate about. From creative writing to graphic design, basically anything you love doing. You can also develop that skill while doing your day job.


business coachSave Money

To be able to quit a job you need to be financially secure and confident. You need to have finances in check for your personal expenses and your business expenses. 

Before you resign from your job, you need to make sure that you have an alternate source of income coming in.

This can be through a part-time job, or freelance writing or designing job.


Don’t Fear Failures

Never be afraid of failures and never let them get you down, for too long anyways. Failures are a crucial part of every single success story. For an entrepreneur, failure is all about taking risks and gaining experience.

They only way to find success is to fail over and over again. Remember that every big tree was once a tiny plant.


Expand your Network

Networking with other entrepreneurs or influencers in your industry establishes new relationships for you. This enables you to develop partnerships, meet interesting people, and feel motivated on the path of entrepreneurship.

This opens doors to new opportunities for you and greater chances of success.


Keep Selling

As an entrepreneur, you must always sell, be it your skills that you’ve learned or any products you have chosen. The idea is to always be in the mainstream and keep selling your product.

Always make sure that what you sell helps people grow and adds value to their life or business. You should sell with authenticity and make it a two-way benefit for the buyer as well as yourself.


Develop a Business Plan

After you have done extensive research on your market niche and business ideas, create a well-crafted, secure, and realistic business plan. You can also consult experts for the purpose.

You can then use it as a template to present to potential investors and partners.


Leave on a Good Note

Let your employer know at least one month in advance that you plan to resign. Complete any projects you are working on, and leave respectfully and professionally.


Work Hard

Being a successful entrepreneur is not as easy as setting your own hours and taking as many personal days as you want. You should be prepared to give all your hours and days in order to achieve the business goals you set for yourself.

Give the best of what your time and energy in order to achieve the best in return.

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tanya Amaya FounderAbout Tanya

Tanya Amaya is a renowned business coach, well-known for her strategic imagination in aligning business goals with creative strategy and expression and has successfully led brand design, search engine optimization and marketing engagements for a variety of clients.

Her experience runs across a variety of industries—including international development, career development, litigation, technology, healthcare, retail, consumer products and professional services provided globally.

She teaches social media, search engine optimization and lead generation workshops through SCORE and events.

Committed to elegant solutions based on analytics and powerfully simple communications, her areas of expertise include sustainable design solutions, logo design, integrated brand identity systems, brand design and strategy, print design, web design, digital media strategy, site architecture, and site marketing.


About Analytic Design

Founded by Tanya Amaya, a Washington, DC creative strategy veteran, Analytic Design is a privately held, full-service strategic design firm. We operate under an optimized consultant model that has proven for years over many client engagements to be scalable, flexible, and cost-effective.

We have three pillars of expertise and services: Strategic Branding based on marketing goals, Website/Application Design and Development, and Technical/IT support.

We have been helping clients create more authentic, compelling, differentiating, and relevant brand strategies, brand identities, content strategies and assets, websites, and marketing campaigns since we were founded and, for many of us, well before that.

We’ve enabled clients ranging from multi-million-dollar global enterprises to entrepreneurial small businesses to more effectively express their services and benefits, expand market perceptions, optimize competitiveness, continually improve marketing metrics, and increase market share. Our consistent successes for clients tie directly to the quality and experience of our team, our approach to serving clients, as well as our creative, technical, and management capabilities.

Analytic Design is a Certified Small, Women-Owned Business.

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