Understanding Your Entrepreneur Values

Values are your qualities of intrinsic worth and the principles that run your personal life and business. Core values help to define who you are and where your priorities lie. Every successful entrepreneur has a code or set of core values by which they conduct business. The core values that guide an entrepreneur’s journey depend entirely on the entrepreneur. Zig Ziglar, an author, salesman, and motivational speaker believes that

Honesty and integrity are by far the most important assets of an entrepreneur.

I certainly don’t disagree, but there are a few other values an entrepreneur should include within their code of conduct.

1.) Respect

Respect for both yourself and others enables you to appreciate your own efforts, appreciate your team’s efforts, and motivate others to be as inspired by your business as you are! Self-respect is not narcissistic, it’s a simple appreciation for one’s self and work, which results in increased pride, hope, and enthusiasm in your business.

Respect for others produces the same result. To show your respect for team members, potential clients, potential investors, etc, you appreciate them, show interest in what they’re all about, and contribute to their success however and whenever possible.

2.) Ethics

After achieving great success, some entrepreneurs can get caught up in the moneymaking and lose sight of how important it is to do the right thing. Developing a strict set of ethics, incorporating it within your code of conduct, and unwaveringly committing to it will allow you to keep your head on straight while earning trust in your business.

3.) Innovation

By nature, entrepreneurs are innovators. Entrepreneurs are driven to solve problems, provide answers, and change the world. Incorporate innovation into your code of conduct. Commit to always looking for new ways to solve old problems. Think outside the box and prove to the world that you, your ideas, and your business are here to stay.

4.) Partnership

As an entrepreneur, you’re more inclined to accomplish your goals on your own, so it’s easy to forget that partnerships are critical to your success. Investing in partnerships with like-minded people can provide your business with

  • Increased capital
  • A support system
  • An even distribution of responsibilities
  • More ideas and creativity
  • A wider range of skill sets

5.) Vision

Vision is the primary force that both drives the entrepreneur and guides the entrepreneur through the business planning process. Having the ability to identify a problem that you want to solve in the world and projecting a vision of your solution is crucial to finding success. Your vision is what makes you explore, challenge others, and keep pushing until you find success in sharing it with the world.

Incorporating elements from these five values into your own code of conduct will ensure that you, your ideas, and your business will flourish, while remaining ethically-sound.

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