An Introduction to the Affiliate Menu (For Affiliates)

Link to Thinkific Affiliate Info

As an affiliate of for your course creator, you get a user account like any other user on that course creator’s Thinkific website. However, as an affiliate user, you get your own menu to view general information, links, and referral codes, financial reporting and more.

Here’s how to access that menu:

Step 1:
Log-in with the email and password provided to you by the instructor.

Step 2:
Access your affiliate dashboard menu by clicking the ‘Affiliate’ button in the top right corner.

Step 3:

View your affiliate menu:

About the Menu:

  • General Affiliate Information: Details of your commission rate can be found here.
  • Your Affiliate Links: Unique product codes are listed here for you to share with your audience. You can also use the Homepage Link, to ensure the affiliate tracking cookie is present on the browser when the visitor arrives on the site via the Homepage e.g.
  • Financial Reports: Here you can see your commission totals, a breakdown of your individual commissions, your payouts and tracking on the number of visitors through your affiliate links.
  • SettingsYou can change your PayPal linked email address here.