My Self Discovery Journey-Finding My Why

I never knew I wanted to own my own business.

I started my story on my About page. There are so few words to express how I feel about what I have begun. I don’t see any of this as a goal or see an ending to this win. Every day is a win and a loss…depending on how the day went.

Every day is also a learning curve. I have spent so much time jumping from task to task, project to project that it took a long time for me to remember WHY I decided to do this in the first place. I was asked a question the other day that made me think back to how I got started and how far I’ve really come in my journey of self discovery.

Bottom line, business ownership for me started as an accident, and then the business grew without me ever really thinking about what I was looking to do.

I was just ACTING on my instincts which were driving every decision I was making. Luckily, my instincts guided my why well, even if I wasn’t consciously thinking through what I was hoping to accomplish.

Starting A Business Is All About Freedom

There are many reasons why people become entrepreneurs: personal satisfaction, creative independence or financial flexibility — the reasons are many. All of these have one thing in common. At the core, they all are about freedom.

Passion gets people started on this journey, but passion isn’t enough. You must have a deeper guiding light that can help eliminate the dark paths ahead. Not to be ominous, but at some point, you will feel lost and alone. You will feel burned out. You will feel like you are going crazy. You may already be there. The why is what will help you keep going.

“You can only become truly accomplished at something you love. Don’t make money your goal. Instead pursue the things you love doing, and then do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off of you.” — Maya Angelou

The WHY is what guides you. What do you have to offer to people? It’s not about going to school and getting a degree, although there is nothing wrong with that. Owning a business needs to have a deeper meaning for you and start with gratefulness. You need to be aware of what YOU have to offer to the world.

How Can You Find Your Why?

While there’s no one path for discovering your life’s purpose, there are many ways you can gain deeper insight into yourself, and a larger perspective on what it is that you have to offer the world. Asking yourself questions is a good way to start. Keep in mind that the questions will stay the same but the answers may change over time as you get to know yourself better.

What makes you happy? What are you good at? What are your strengths?  During this process, investing in self-development is key. There is no shortcut-learning is an endless process. The more time you spend working on yourself-not technical skills, but self-development the stronger you will be. The goal is to have your decisions align with your goals and WHO YOU ARE.

If you are not sure where to start, I recommend Strengthfinder 2.0. Invest in the full strengths and then read through them again and again until you understand them and how they apply to your life. How can they help you discover what really makes you happy?

Second guessing yourself is second nature. There will ALWAYS be someone more knowledgeable than you. There will always be people and businesses who stand in your way. Starting a business is hard, and keeping it open?

That’s your real end game right there. Staying in Business. Keeping your Sanity. Feeling FREE.

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